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Jan 03, 2020 · Weighing in on Legit vs Recast DIY BJD's I have had the opportunity of listening to both sides of the legit vs recast debate online for quite a long time. Although, I would not call them debates.

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Jul 02, 2016 · How many recast companies do you know and between these, which one is the most famous / makes legit-look-alike recasts? I know of…. maybe 6-8 companies, some large and some small. BJD (P) currently makes the best recasts, the most accurate to resin color and has the best molds with the least amount of shrinkage.

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***UPDATED INFO*** Some of the recasters (Fortunate You And Me, Miracle Doll Factory, and HeheBJD) use a very old mould of the Fairyland minifee body which i...

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Dec 12, 2015 · Recast vs Legit Published December 7, 2015 by Nexusinferno. The age old dilemma. ... Why people are becoming so elitist over recast bjd’s is beyond me. Yes, there ...

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Jan 31, 2019 · चिट फंड घोटाले में एक के बाद एक नेता सीबीआइ की जांच के दायरे में आते जा रहे हैं। सीबीआइ ने अब बीजद के दो वरिष्ठ नेता और मौजूदा विधायक को समन भेजकर पूछताछ ...

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So, my sweet sweet BJD friend Puddingstars and I were just trading stories about our dolls, which I think is a fun thing to do, and as she is getting a Venitu boy as well I am actually more excited for her than I have ever been waiting for my own dolls. I REALLY REALLY WANT HER TO HAVE ONE (or two or three), so we can oooh and aaahh together.

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40k Recasts ... 40k Recasts

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Przy okazji poruszę temat bardzo "wrażliwy" czyli lalki legalne i lalki podróbki czyli jak kto woli legit vs recast. Przy czym nie będę się wypowiadała o stronie etycznej itd, ale chciałam przy okazji porównać jakoś wykonania duszków/fasolek.

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a "pro recast" it's a person in the bjd community that owns or don't care if you have a recast of a 'brand name company doll' because it's your money and your life. There can be also some people who are called "neutral" that means that they just don't have an opinion and don't care about the subject or will not discuss about it.

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Articles on recasts- Legit vs Recast comparison article on DOA : Amaran.. Bjd sale Recast sid iplehouse Carina in light tan -200 shipping Recast dollmore luv with ftm mod in tan -200 shipping Recast supia rosy head in white skin -70 shipping Legit impldoll iris in normal pink skin-70...
18+ Dolly Nudity. Adult doll collectors only
This blog is dedicated to educating the BJD community about "recast dolls". We will show the risks, the good things and bad things about buying a recast doll, and compare company dolls with recasts, including the problems with both legit and recast dolls.
How Malena, our new bjd mold, was made (2016) Large porcelain Bjd dolls first prototype (2015) Large porcelain bjd dolls (2015) Upcoming bjd doll projects (2015) The pinkies, tiny porcelain bjd dolls (2015) Development of a concept, from the sketch to the final doll (spanish, english,2015)
New in Box Doll Family-H Jointed MSD Hands,Tanned Resin,Legit,1/4 BJD,DF-H ... who doesn't work on recast dolls so you can be confident she is genuine, the head was ...

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Jul 28, 2016 · My contribution to the company vs my version :) And a bonus shot of the brats, mostly because Bell’s hair got niced up. Tags: unoa unoa chibi unoa ane unoa ani cocoa chibi mydolls bjd legit bjd minifee